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Your Social Efforts are Worth $10,206,357

SYNOPSIS: For years, marketers have struggled to quantify the value of the social efforts. And CFOs are asking for justification before agreeing to content boosting budgets.

While they believe in the power of social, organic reach has crashed. Content isn’t being seen. Facebook has become a paid channel. And brand social teams are struggling to justify bigger budgets to overcome these issues. But CFOs are no longer happy with soft metrics like Likes and Retweets, and are demanding justification for content boosting budgets.

Running a high-performing brand social department requires a new look at process, tools and measurement – an approach that provides financial impact metrics that justify costs. Former Mediabrands’ Chief Social Officer Eric Weaver will show real-world examples of what is happening to brand social efforts, discuss practical approaches to process, and examine new tools that show the fiscal impact of being a social brand. Attendees will walk away with new approaches and tools to quantify the worth of your social teams, compare content efficacy, and provide the CFO with a fiscal value of your work. This valuation model is increasingly being used across the globe – and provides a means of measuring social performance in hard currency.


AUDIENCE: COOs, CFOs, CMOs, VPs and Directors of Marketing, Analytics professionals

PREVIOUSLY SEEN AT: Performance Marketing Summit Europe (Berlin, 2015), Discovery III (London, 2015), Chief Digital Officer Forum (London 2014), GetSocial (Dublin, 2014), eBev (Atlanta, 2014), executive workshops in Milan, Italy and Madrid, Spain.