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Social Behavior: Why We Do What We Do

Why do people prefer to engage with brands on social pages?

Why do teams that physically touch one another perform better?

Why do students that use Twitter for collaboration fare better than others?

Why does our brain chemistry change when our phone rings?

Why will a silly, inexpensive video change negative brand sentiment when a PR campaign won’t?

Social media discussions have shifted from tools to behaviors, and people don’t always behave the way we expect them to. In this talk, veteran digital marketer Eric Weaver will discuss online social behaviors and show how emotions trump logic in most social settings. Attendees will see social sites and human behavior a bit different and will have new ideas toward how to engage, influence and activate consumers based on behavior rather than messaging.

PRESENTATION LENGTH: 35- to 40-minute keynote with 20 minutes for Q&A

AUDIENCE: COOs, CFOs, CMOs, VPs and Directors of Marketing, VPs and Directors of Customer Service, VPs and Directors of Corporate Communications/PR, strategists

PREVIOUSLY SEEN AT: University of California at Berkeley; Dublin City University; 14o Characters NYC

@iamkhayyam: Just saw that @weave fellow from Tribal at #140conf – he is smart, I like him, it was #emotional 🙂