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Six Secrets to Overcoming Social Marketing Hurdles

SYNOPSIS: This presentation provides a broader view of the issues covered in “The Great Social Media Crisis of Faith.”

Six great challenges are having a negative impact on social media marketing efforts. Content is underperforming. Weak customer engagement efforts are often awkward – or can be destructive. Management is uninterested, and unsupportive. Teams aren’t properly resourced. Crises rear their heads with ever-increasing frequency. And social remains stuck in Budget Prison.

Through his experience working with over 26 global brands on their social engagement efforts, chief strategist Eric Weaver will discuss the drivers behind these challenges and real-world examples of how global brands overcame them. Attendees will learn practical approaches and models and will examine new tools that show the fiscal impact of being a social brand. Attendees will walk away with new methods to apply to their own brands to solve these challenges.

PRESENTATION LENGTH: :30 (:25 preso + :05 Q&A) or :60 (:45 preso + :15 Q&A)

AUDIENCE: COOs, CFOs, CMOs, VPs and Directors of Marketing, Analytics professionals

PREVIOUSLY SEEN AT: Performance Marketing Summit London 2015