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What Are You Feeding Me? Blockchain & the Growing Consumer Trust Crisis

SYNOPSIS: What if your food, your beauty products or your prescriptions could talk? Tell you where they came from, and where they’ve been? Who had access? If they had been tampered with? If your food was spoiled? If your pharma product was counterfeit and contained banned contents? With every recall, every new article about fraud, consumers have become ever more distrusting of brands and marketers.

Former Xerox VP of Customer Experience Eric Weaver will talk about Corporate America’s foray into the world of products, packaging and public ledgers – how we sorted through the various flavors of blockchain to find technologies that enable consumers to engage with products in completely new ways, and how to build full transparency into their provenance. By combining sensors and digital packaging with blockchain technologies, brands can provide unheard-of transparency into the customer experience, rebuilding consumer trust. Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of how to build consumer trust via customer experience, use cases for innovative engagement and packaging technologies, and how to build ground-breaking blockchain use cases.


AUDIENCE: CMOs, VPs of Marketing, brand managers, COOs


  • OPENING KEYNOTE: Global Blockchain Summit, Denver CO, April 2018
  • Digital Summit, Seattle WA, April 2018
  • KEYNOTE: CMO Insights Summit, Sarasota FL, April 2018
  • Brand Innovators Marketing Innovation, Sunnyvale CA, March 2018
  • KEYNOTE: Brand Innovators @ SxSW, Austin TX, March 2018
  • KEYNOTE: Brand Innovators Content Deep Dive, New York NY, February 2018
  • Trust in Food Symposium, Chicago IL, January 2018