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Do Social Better: the Case for Social Business

Over the last six years, brands have moved from timid experimentation to fully embracing social media as a channel in which to engage their fans. However, that path has often led them to using social as a supplemental monologue channel rather than as a full-dialogue feedback loop. Everyone is doing social. But what happens after the social ad buys? The tabs and apps? The cutesy Instagram promos? Your customers want more. Are you resourced to deliver?

Veteran digital marketer Eric Weaver will show how some innovative brands have embraced Social Business and have integrated customer input, feedback, and preference throughout the entire value chain. Attendees will see how companies organize cross-functional teams around social, share information, alter their workflows to maximize this new input, handle crises, and resource for success.  Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of how to do social better.

PRESENTATION LENGTH: 35- to 40-minute keynote with 20 minutes for Q&A

AUDIENCE: COOs, CFOs, CMOs, VPs and Directors of Marketing, VPs and Directors of Customer Service, VPs and Directors of Corporate Communications/PR, strategists

PREVIOUSLY SEEN AT: Innovation Dublin 2012, Social India, Engage Digital Marketing Summit Kolkata, Social Media Summit 2011 (Chennai), TFMA Mumbai, and Social CEO Summit 2012 (Vancouver, Canada)

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