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Branding in the Era of the Empowered Consumer

As many publicly-traded companies shift all focus to the fiscal quarter, longer-form activities like branding often end up as a lower priority. Yet through this critical activity, identity, messaging, differentiation and positioning drive market success and extend the efficacy of purchased media.

Branding in the Era of the Empowered Consumer covers the practice and importance of branding in an era where customers now control the conversation, message and perception of a brand. In this presentation, we examine the shift in trust described in other presentations and reexamine the branding process for ways to maintain a brand’s cohesion and promise when distributed across social channels.

Attendees will walk away with a fresh perspective on crafting a brand and setting it free in ways that grow revenue.

PRESENTATION LENGTH: 40-minute keynote or 60-minute workshop

AUDIENCES: CMOs, VPs of Marketing, branding specialists, design and identity specialists

PREVIOUSLY SEEN AT: 2009 World Brand Congress, Mumbai, India. Graphic Artists Guild, Seattle, Washington.